Localisation of field trials

Fertico  staff is capable to prepare trials for a wide range of pests  in best locations. Fertico owns apple orchards, strawberry and raspberry plantations that are dedicated only for research purposes. In 2014 pear orchard will be planted. We also prepare trials in crops leased from growers with whom we have long-term cooperation. For some trials only the fields are rented and the plants are planted in a special arrangement.

Localisation of the research branches in Poland

The research agency is divided into tree localisations: principal branch in Błędów, a branch in Jarocin near Poznań and a branch in Błonie near Warsaw. Branches are partially specialized. Trials for fruit crops usually are conducted by branch in Błedów, for arable crops usually  by branch in Jarocin near Poznań and for vegetable crops usually by branch in Błonie near Warsaw.

On the request we conduct trials in any region of Poland.