Who are we

We are working in an agricultural research field. The main topic of our experiments is testing the efficacy of plant protection products. We also conduct field experiments with growth regulators, herbicides, pheromones, adjuvants and during fruit storage. Our trials are performed in accordance with the principles of GEP (Good Experimental Practice) and EPPO standards. We have the authorization of Plant Health and Seed Inspection Main Inspector.

Fertico – a trustworthy partner in your research

Fertico is a company founded by a Polish family Barański.  The company  employs professional research team composed of people with a university degree and years of experience in agricultural experiments. We have our own laboratory facility  and own orchards and plantations . We have a database of proven locations for many pests and long-term cooperation with the owners of this plantations. Each year we prepare hundreds of experiments  mostly for large, international chemical companies wishing to introduce their pesticides to the Polish market. We also cooperate with smaller companies that are outsourcing only  single experiments. We have a group of regular customers which proves the quality of our service.

Structure of the company


The company Fertico sp. z o.o. was established in 2001 by the owners of the Agrosimex  company. Fertico is divided into two departments: Research Agency and logistic department. Main branch of the research agency is located in Błędów.

Other two branches of the research agency are located in Błonie near Warsaw and Jarocin near Poznań. Branches are partially specialized. Field trials for fruit crops usually are conducted in Błedów, for arable crops usually in Jarocin near Poznań and for vegetable crops usually in Błonie near Warsaw. Fertico owns apple orchards, strawberry and raspberry plantations that are dedicated only for research purposes. Orchards and plantations are located in Błędów.

Goliany 43, 05-620 Błędów, Poland
Research office: Błędów, Grójecka 26a str., Błędów 05-620

Tel. + 48 48 66 80 789
NIP 7971772588
KRS 0000102818
email: research@fertico.com.pl

Director of Research Agency, Karolina Felczak, tel: 602 815 917
Research Agency Manager MSc Żaneta Sierputowska tel: 509 726 213