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  • Fertico, the research agency offers:

    Field trials on fruit, arable and vegetable crops. Tests of the plant protection products efficacy for the full range of pathogens, pests and weeds.

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  • Registration of plant protection products

    The results of our study may be used for registration of plant protection products in European Union.

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  • Conducting of trials

    We offer: best locations of field experiments, good prices.

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We have the GEP certificate

Results of our experiments can be used in registration of a pesticide.

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We offer full range of registration trials

We conduct experiments with all pests and pathogens that can be found in Poland.

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Fertico – a trustworthy partner in your research

Fertico is a Polish company that employs professional research team composed of people with a university degree and years of experience in agricultural experiments.

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Fertico Sp. z o.o.
Goliany 43, 05-620 Błędów
Tel. + 48 48 66 80 789

Director of Research Agency
Karolina Felczak, tel: 602 815 917

Research Agency Manager
MSc Żaneta Sierputowska, tel: 509 726 213